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Telecommuting is an aspect of the new workforce that all managers should pay attention to closely. this covers why millennials like it and what it means for the job industries. 
Story by Samantha Donaldson on April 19, 2017
What does focus and obligation have to do with a first line manager’s responsibilities? Focus and obligation are the keys to a successful organization. If you can draw; you can draw a focus.
Story by Jim McGriff, Jr. on April 17, 2017
Once upon a time there was a matchstick factory. It was not huge, nor had it ever been very profitable.
Story by Bernhard Sterchi on April 16, 2017
Ruggedized tablets are the perfect addition to any hands-on company due to their ability to analyze data, ensure profitability, give customers and prospects what they need, and manage time spent on pa
Story by Samantha Donaldson on April 6, 2017
Composting is a wonderful way to engage your employees in a green initiative which takes very little time but has a major impact overall. 
Story by Samantha Donaldson on March 30, 2017
It is time we recognize that our current approach to leadership development is a waste. $50 Billion and research says there is nothing to show for it.
Anyone can start a business and keep it running but a true leader understands that employee care and company culture not only keep the business running but also keep it successful and engaged leading
Story by Samantha Donaldson on March 23, 2017
Company culture and employee retention when faced with the millennial generation can often seem like a serious hassle.
Story by Samantha Donaldson on March 20, 2017
Sometimes, a company's mistakes can be the best way to learn.
Story by Samantha Donaldson on March 20, 2017
The crux with which all businesses are formed is simply in the way they handle their production and employees. However, to avoid costly blunders, hazard/risk analysis must be accomplished.
Story by Samantha Donaldson on March 16, 2017
Not every manager works in an office setting and one of the biggest management issues I faced when I used to be an executive chef were smoke breaks.
Story by Samantha Donaldson on March 15, 2017
Group flow is a peak experience, a group performing at its top level of ability. In a study of over 300 professionals three companies — a strategy consulting firm, a government agen
Hack by Mike Parker on March 14, 2017
A supervisor in a central dispatch center is a different kind of first line management.I was given the Dispatch Supervisor job when our control center opened for our division.
Story by Jim McGriff, Jr. on March 13, 2017
Given the total lack of evidence that developing leaders actually results in better organizational performance, maybe it is time to convert what we know about leadership.