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Innovation starts with the heart—with a passion for improving the lives of those around you. When the iPad was introduced, Jony Ive, Apple’s head of...
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Large organizations of all types suffer from an assortment of congenital disabilities that no amount of incremental therapy can cure. First, they are...
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We live in a world where never before has leadership been so necessary but where so often leaders seem to come up short. Our sense is that this is...
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The term “innovation” gets bandied about a lot these days. For organizations to truly benefit from their innovation initiatives, they first must...
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Management thinking is inherently faddish, but there are some perennial favourites that never fall out of favour. Innovation is one those evergreen...

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Innovation starts with the heart—with a passion for improving the lives of those around you.


The Morning Star Company is one of the world’s leading processors of tomatoes—and one of the most progressive models of a self-managed enterprise we’ve seen. In this Mashup session, Paul Green, the co-founder of the Self-Management Institute and, until recently, Morning Star’s head of development, describes the company’s extraordinary—and extraordinarily effective—approach to replacing manager-management with peer- and self-management.


The founders of TopCoder and Tongal, the world's largest communities of talented and impassioned software developers and digital creators, make the case for the value of “creative populism,” share the new rules for activating, enlisting, and organizing talent in the social, mobile and digital age—and unpack their disruptive models for the future of work and value creation.


How do you change the DNA of an entrenched organization? How do you achieve deep, durable change without having to go through a crisis? How do you craft an authentic, participative approach to change? And as organizations confront ever more complex problems, how do you move from crowdsourcing to “crowdsolving?" Vineet Nayar is the rare leader (as CEO of the $19 billion IT services company, HCL Technologies) who has not only asked, but successfully answered these questions.