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We live in a world where never before has leadership been so necessary but where so often leaders seem to come up short. Our sense is that this is...
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The term “innovation” gets bandied about a lot these days. For organizations to truly benefit from their innovation initiatives, they first must...
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Management thinking is inherently faddish, but there are some perennial favourites that never fall out of favour. Innovation is one those evergreen...
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When we launched the Harvard Business Review/McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation last year, our goal was to surface the world’s most amazing...
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Watch Gary Hamel, co-founder of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), discuss how to make innovation an everyday, everywhere capability. In this...

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As the CEO and vice chairman of HCL Technologies, Vineet Nayar embarked on a journey to re-imagine and reinvent the nature of power, leadership, and value creation inside a vast organization. Driven by the belief that the traditional management model—built to serve control-obsessed managers rather than to support customer-obsessed employees—was broken, Vineet launched...


How do you change the system when you don’t own the system? Bjarte Bogsnes offers up a powerful answer to that question in this riveting interview with McKinsey & Co director, Scott Keller. As a vice president at Norwegian energy giant Statoil, Bjarte took on one of the most sacred pillars of organization—the traditional budgeting process—and lived to tell the tale.


MIX co-founder Gary Hamel’s conversation with Terri Kelly, president and CEO of W.L. Gore on the celebrated company's long-running experiment in natural leadership and managing without managers.


Kim Spinder was a civil servant with the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs when she devised a seemingly simple hack of work with a potentially radical impact. Here she offers up a short course on how to hack the system and make a real impact—even when you don’t have permission or a budget.