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Groundbreaking ideas and practices from Chris Grams
This hack begins the process of changing a Management 1.0 organization’s culture by recognizing that an increase in personal freedom must be accompanied by an increase in personal
Hack by Chris Grams on April 30, 2012
Life in a large organization can often feel like a few moments of inspiration and innovation surrounded by a lifetime of sitting on conference calls, filling out forms, and creating PowerPoint decks t
Hack by Chris Grams on June 21, 2011
Ah, the beauty of a small organization. Everyone knows what you are trying to accomplish, and if anyone doesn't, they know who to ask.
Hack by Chris Grams on August 27, 2010
In my ten years at Red Hat (the open source software pioneer), we had a very simple little cultural trick we used everywhere we could:We defaulted to open.What does this mean?
Hack by Chris Grams on August 5, 2010
Terms like "open innovation" and "customer-driven innovation" are all the rage and these strategies can certainly help organizations become more innovative.
Hack by Chris Grams on July 28, 2010

Co-authored Contributions

You say your employees have autonomy, then why is everything so difficult, why are they frustrated and why do change efforts seem to fizzle away? Find out how culture and grey areas are block
Hack by Susanne Ramharter on April 30, 2012
Co-Authored By Chris Grams
 A “Traditionally Virtual” infrastructure rethinks the advantages and disadvantages of virtual and traditional work designs.  As a result, it better supports worker autonomy while maintainin
Hack by Vlatka Hlupic on April 26, 2012
Hierarchy can be reinvented through a contribution-based “points system,” linked specifically to how each employee impacts the company’s results.
Hack by Vlatka Hlupic on April 26, 2012
Project Monitoring 2.0 is a collaborative systemic monitoring approach for project management to bring the “people” part of project activity into focus to get earlier insight into problems.
Hack by Vlatka Hlupic on April 26, 2012
Leading by letting go addresses a fundamental mismatch of traditional vertical leadership approaches with the needs of knowledge workers who tend to ignore corporate hierarchy and need autonomy to unl
Hack by Vlatka Hlupic on April 26, 2012
Work toward a team of employees who develop their own goals and objectives that are in-line with corporate goals and based on their passions, likes, interests and job.
Hack by Robin Deacle on April 24, 2012