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HALT stands for Highly Accelerated Life Test. It is a stress testing methodology for accelerating product reliability during the engineering developmentprocess.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on September 2, 2010
As an organization grows from few hundred millions to more than a billion, you need people who manage the various groups with a characteristic of a CEO.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on August 31, 2010
PIF stands for Pay it ForwardThe Wikipedia link talks about the concept and has a link to the movie that was made as well.Why not introduce this concept to Managers within organizations?
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on August 23, 2010
Money-back offer – almost all products in the retail segment carry thistag.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on August 16, 2010
AAU4M stands for Agony Aunts & Uncles for Managers.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on August 2, 2010
MCTube (Management for Crisis - Tube) will be an ideal tool for Managers to understand crisis projects and the various attempts made by Managers to bring back projects to Green.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on July 18, 2010
Recruitment, especially at the higher levels, is such a costly affair. It becomes more expensive once the recruit fails in the task he is expected to perform.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on July 2, 2010
Bring back the enthusiasm of all employees in your organization by going the direction of Farmville (popular game on Facebook).
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on June 28, 2010
In Tennis, rankings are given to players based on their performance - check the ATP site for more details. This is updated continuously with a 1-year window.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on June 14, 2010
Ask any Project Manager on the most critical factor for success in his project execution.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on June 14, 2010

Co-authored Contributions

Most large companies are a collection of silos, with employees who are so focused on their area of specialization they may be missing key opportunities and threats.
Hack by Deb Seidman on July 17, 2013
Hierarchy can be reinvented through a contribution-based “points system,” linked specifically to how each employee impacts the company’s results.
Hack by Vlatka Hlupic on April 26, 2012