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It is amazing how the times change and new roles, new designations and new leaders keep emerging.
Story by Niti Sharma on January 23, 2019
Once upon a time there was a successful leader. He presided over a large workshop of stonemasons. They produced menhirs for parks and gardens, and large stone blocks for the nearby pyramid.
Story by Bernhard Sterchi on January 22, 2019
Employee's appreciation of romance comes at expense of risk-fraught experiences for organizations. Need not to be. Read the full Story Here!
Story by Ariaa Reeds on January 21, 2019
Blockchain (as a whole) and all its facets will play a huge role in the development of both public and private sectors in the coming decade.
Story by Niti Sharma on January 18, 2019
As digital badges gained acceptance in the professional world, lots of online learning institute experimented with introducing digital badges in education system as well.
Story by Niti Sharma on January 16, 2019
Chief human resources officer or a CHRO. A CHRO is an individual who can spearhead the organization to a huge success with strategic planning and processes after studying the competition.
Story by Niti Sharma on January 15, 2019
Leadership consultant commence collaborating, the first stage involves an interview where the aspiring leader is judged on traits like enthusiasm, emotional stability, conscientiousness, and compassio
Story by Niti Sharma on January 15, 2019
Talent management strategy you will be able to beat the competition and always stay ahead as best of the best talent will be working for you.
Story by Niti Sharma on January 15, 2019
The Innovation process needs to embed a culture of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I).  Those organizations that truly incorporate D&I as part of their Innovation culture will benefit and have
Hack by Steve McGill on January 10, 2019
Extreme Diversity is a radical approach to smash the barriers that don't allow minorities to grow and excel in organizations.
Hack by Daniele Pigni on December 10, 2018
Innovation jargon - we see it and hear it every day.  For practitioners, it’s part of our vocabulary.  But does our audience know what we’re saying?  Maybe at a tech startup or in a Bro
Hack by Icadore Feldknocker on December 7, 2018
It is easy to think of processes as something that stifles creativity, but in reality it’s just the opposite.  The more process you have the more creativity you can afford.  Many people beli
Hack by Jewel Abram-Copenhaver on November 30, 2018
Small businesses may think they do not need to worry about computer hackers because they are small, but hackers think that small businesses are an easy mark.
Story by Elianna Hyde on November 29, 2018
Learning agility is a business imperative for organizations to stay relevant in the marketOrganizations should offer sponsorships and dedicated time to employees to pursue their educational interests
Hack by Daniele Pigni on November 27, 2018