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The Seven Most Dangerous Beliefs in Management

Large organizations of all types suffer from an assortment of congenital disabilities that no amount of incremental therapy can cure. Too many of them are inertial, incremental, and, uninspiring. That cluster of disabilities enfeebles organizations and depresses economic performance—a kind of creeping bureausclerosis that will only get more debilitating as the winds of creative destruction continue to strengthen. 

To build organizations that are fit for the future—that are fundamentally more adaptable, innovative, or engaging—we have to go deep. We have to fundamentally rethink the principles upon which most organizations are built, the deep beliefs woven into the DNA of the bureaucratic management model. 

In this MIX Mashup keynote, Gary Hamel, makes a case for why bureaucracy, despite its many enemies, is so hard to kill. He calls for a “mental revolution” to overturn those beliefs and maps out an approach for pulling bureaucracy up by its roots, once and for all.

Read Gary’s blog on architecture and ideology here

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