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Businesses rarely quantify the time wasted on miscommunications caused by several tedious and obsolete tools such as text messages, cellular calls, physical mails, etc., on a yearly basis and how much
Story by Alina Moskalova on September 29, 2021
There are so many articles about productivity on the Internet and so many definitions that it is easy to get confused about them. So what is productivity? Does it mean 24/7 employment?
Story by Alina Moskalova on June 30, 2021
As fast technologies are developing it brings quick progress to online teaching. It allows you to teach and work in your profession at the same time.
Story by Alina Moskalova on June 17, 2021
Have you entered the university? Very soon you will become a young professional who is ready for a career takeoff. How to learn to manage your time with more efficiency?
Story by Alina Moskalova on May 30, 2021