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Creative Populism: Unleashing and Organizing Human Potential Across Boundaries

We’re at a real inflection point when it comes to how we inspire, mobilize, and value human effort. There’s so much untapped talent, capacity, and creativity in our organizations—and beyond. The definition of a job, employment, and the work of leadership is rapidly shifting—along with the organizational boundaries. In this dynamic and disruptive world, the most vibrant organizations and the most compelling leaders are dedicated to devising ever more inventive approaches to unearthing, unleashing, cultivating, aggregating, and appropriately rewarding contributions from a range of stakeholders across boundaries.

James DeJulio and Jack Hughes are at the vanguard of that movement. Jack is the founder of TopCoder, the world’s largest community of talented and impassioned software developers and digital creators. Now nearly 700,000 strong, members of the TopCoder community compete to create products and services for many of the Fortune 500—and to learn and improve alongside their most talented peers. James is the co-founder and president of Tongal, the world’s first studio on-demand—a platform which connects businesses that need creative work with a global network of writers, directors, and production companies who deliver it. Tongal has invented an original methodology for completing projects on an open “assembly line”—including everything from ideation through production of content.  Tongal’s 50,000 members create TV commercials, original content, digital advertising, and instructional video for a range of clients with major advantages in speed, economics, and in total brain-power.

In this session, Jack and James make the case for the value of “creative populism,” share the new rules for activating, enlisting, and organizing talent in the social, mobile and digital age—unpack their disruptive models for the future of work and value creation.

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