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To tackle big, thorny challenges, you need big, unconventional ideas.

That’s what you’ll find here: boundary-pushing proposals for changing the way organizations work and leaders lead — from setting strategy to allocating resources to designing work to rewarding and compensating individuals.

Check out the disruptive ideas and radical fixes posted by your fellow MIXers below — and join them in stirring the pot by proposing your own. A hack can be as seemingly basic as a better way to run meetings or as high-stakes as a complete overhaul of the compensation system — as long as it turns the tables on management-as-usual and offers up a pathway to progress on one of the moonshots.

The MIX Lab / Hacks

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

MCTube (Management for Crisis - Tube) will be an ideal tool for Managers to understand crisis projects and the various attempts made by Managers to bring back projects to Green.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on July 18, 2010
One possible way to achieve a sucessfull DNA swap in an existing organisation, in order to switch from a personal power based hierarchy to a "natural" hierarchy, is what I call the "Ride the
Hack by Alberto da Silva on July 13, 2010
When an organization need to change to improve, to make the change success!!!
Hack by Dev Yusmananda on July 13, 2010
In future - the world’s greatest creative work, music, screenplays, novels derive from truly global collaboration.
Hack by Marcus Salouk on July 10, 2010
The advantages of new networking sites is only starting to emerge in organizations. Part of these advantages come from the value of communities that form and shape themselves around topics.
Hack by Niko van Eeghen on July 7, 2010
Create a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Credit Exchange like carbon Credit Exchange to motivate corporates to take on CSR initiatives which will give them CSR credits that can be converted to m
To reinvent management we have to do just that - reinvent management from its deepest foundations.
Hack by Theodore Taptiklis on July 2, 2010
Companies need to ensure that right mix of people with relevant competencies are available at all times for long term survival and growth through sound HR policies and practices.
Recruitment, especially at the higher levels, is such a costly affair. It becomes more expensive once the recruit fails in the task he is expected to perform.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on July 2, 2010
When we read/talk about Open Innovation, corporations try to change their culture and knowledge management into new process and methodologies, sometimes when they found a new opportunity outside their
Hack by Franco M. Lazzuri on June 29, 2010