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Daniel Pink: What makes people tick at work?

Too many organizations are operating with a terminally creaky design for unleashing human potential, says Dan Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Our newest MIX Maverick, Pink describes what's wrong with how we think about what makes people tick—and how to rethink what helps them soar.

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Some people are easy to please, in work you just need to reward an employee or staff so that it can be part of their motivation in work. Also the attitude of the boss or manager will play a big part in the work environment. This video is good because it explained every detail and information about what makes people tick work.

Maryann Farrugia
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Exactly and leveraging their emotional intelligence can help managers tremendously. It's amazing to see how many managers out there still think the best reward and motivator for employees is money. Guess what- not true for your younger workers. Studies show that Generation X and Millenials both seem to value the intangible benefits more than money. They care about how a company is contributing towards a greener environment, charities, treatment of employees, organizational culture, their operational and financial ethics, telecommuting options, promotional opportunities, etc.

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Excellent One on Team Management