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To tackle big, thorny challenges, you need big, unconventional ideas.

That’s what you’ll find here: boundary-pushing proposals for changing the way organizations work and leaders lead — from setting strategy to allocating resources to designing work to rewarding and compensating individuals.

Check out the disruptive ideas and radical fixes posted by your fellow MIXers below — and join them in stirring the pot by proposing your own. A hack can be as seemingly basic as a better way to run meetings or as high-stakes as a complete overhaul of the compensation system — as long as it turns the tables on management-as-usual and offers up a pathway to progress on one of the moonshots.

The MIX Lab / Hacks

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the ones you did do".- Mark Twain. Profound Problem indeed!
AAU4M stands for Agony Aunts & Uncles for Managers.
Hack by Madhusudan Rao on August 2, 2010
"You cannot managed what you can't measure." There is wisdom in this statement. But can we do without metrics? Are there other means, approaches and techniques to view management?
Hack by Goh Chong Minsk on July 31, 2010
Innovation = FUN!!!     But How?  Integrate the organization by linking each computer and employee into a video game via software.  The core functions of the business can
Hack by Vidia S. Ramdeen on July 30, 2010
Important meetings supposedly  to be conclusive are becoming boring, endless and inconclusive?Bring fresh air inviting people with diferent paradygms to participate.
Hack by Miguel Sacramento on July 30, 2010
Empower people, give them space, pay them salaries in time and equip them with all the tools of innovation.My company runs a BPO in a conflict zone.
Hack by Omar Wani on July 30, 2010
We hear only about Success stories! Create the worlds BIGGESTrepository or a web-portal of 'Screw-ups'. All disciplines, all languages,all nations and all $@%*  will be there.
Terms like "open innovation" and "customer-driven innovation" are all the rage and these strategies can certainly help organizations become more innovative.
Hack by Chris Grams on July 28, 2010
The language we use in describing innovative ideas is very important.  So, although MIX wishes to redefine leadership, its efforts are still, albeit unwittingly, seeped in the traditional ideolog
Hack by Joe Raelin on July 23, 2010
Humans are individuals, individuals who see the reality in a certain and unique way…let’s give people the opportunity to contribute in every level of organizations breaking the hierarchical barrie
Hack by Diego Matheu on July 22, 2010
Use a powerful framework and proven process disciplines to sharply focus enterprise strategy on accelerating value creation.  Avoid warm and fuzzy objectives (
Hack by Richard Melrose on July 21, 2010
Old management practices have stunted people's ability to discuss ideas.  Often, when we discuss our ideas with others, we tend to defend them and try to convince others of our brilliance. 
Hack by Chris Conley on July 20, 2010
The best and the brightest of people are often the people who self-educate.
Hack by David Mason on July 20, 2010