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Dov Seidman: Why inspiration beats coercion

Our newest MIX Maverick, Dov Seidman, argues that the last era of management was about how much performance we could extract from people—and that the next is all about how much humanity we can inspire. What does it take to be an inspirational leader? Watch and learn.

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maryann-farrugia's picture

Very well said Dov Seidman, being inspired can give you a full positive thinking about things and with this thinking you can proactively do many things that you want to do. Being a leader is important, you need to be a model for all and be an inspiration to others. Best Regards, Maryann Farrugia. Visit My Maryann Farrugia Youtube Video Channel For some inspirational business videos.

ray-pendleton's picture

Put simply, I couldn't agree more. I also think that using existing technological approaches that people are already savvy with - regardless of demographic - is essential for bringing this 'newness' to the fore. Using such technologies also allows senior leaders to watch and learn how people react to being inspired and in doing so provides them with the platform upon which to demonstrate the leadership required to nurture/evolve the very system they are key to changing. I look forward to interacting and being "in the MIX" if my first expereince of this group - Dov's clip - is anything to go by. Thanks for having me! Ray