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Dov Seidman: Are you too good to fail?

We're always asking "how much" when we should really be asking "how," says MIX Maverick and Author of "How: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything," Dov Seidman. Too many leaders focus on keeping score and scaling when they really ought to be pursuing significance. The result: a world filled with organizations that are "too big to fail" when we need more that are too good to fail.

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If we can manage what we can measure and it's our choice what we measure then let's measure "Love". Ok, that is hard, there aren't even any units. Let's measure the instances of the symptoms of "Love". Once we have an instance of a symptom of "Love" based on some criteria lets judge it's intensity on a sliding scale democratically. Once we have automated that process lets put graph that over time and put it on the dashboard of all board members above the financial ratios.

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Thank you and great insights!
A couple of organizations (Ben & Jerry's and Starbuck's) come to mind that have been very successful throughout good and bad economical times while contributing positively to society, community, maintaining good operational and organizational values, etc. This is so important to emphasize because if we allow and worse, reward organizations/individuals with bad values/tactics to succeed; we will fail as a country in the long run; it's inevitable. All we need to do is look at history and avoid making this mistake. All of the empires of the past failed when they allowed bad values (endless greed and power) to take over.
There was a time when the societal norms wouldn't allow an individual or organization with bad values to succeed (they would be shunned from society). Since then, we have been on a path of continuous moral and ethical degradation. Here is a great book that attests to this: The Cheating Culture by David Callahan. If we don't start to uphold good and moral values at every level of our society once again; we will only cause our own demise. Large organizations have a moral responsibility and can have the biggest impact by being a role model in this endeavor. Government can help by having special awards to recognize organizations like Ben & Jerry's and Starbuck's to send the right message to other organizations.