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Daniel Pink: Are you a Type A or a Type I?

MIX Maverick Daniel Pink talks about the importance of listening to your own voice and getting a better sense of what you're truly good at, as well as surrounding yourself with people who share your values and perspective.

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nan-mehta's picture

You've made some excellent points here:
- What do people do when no one is looking? Just watching what a person does (at work) at a time when no one is watching can tell you a lot about an individual; it can tell you whether that person is self-motivated or not, level of discipline, focus, a good candidate for telework, and much more.
- Learning to learn rather than learning for the feeling of accomplishment/winning. Somehow over time, learning became "uncool" and we really need to change this connotation, especially among children. We need to re-introduce continuous learning, being "nerdy" as a "very cool" trait. This is the only way America will be able to compete globally with other countries who've made education their top priority.
- It matters who we're around. Isn't this why parents always want to know who their kids are hanging out with? It makes a difference even for adults.
Thank You.

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Totally agree. It's a simple function of direction. Even if you're content to be something else - someone who runs something - it's much easier to plan a route to get there when you know where you are right now.

I wish just one of the people who told me to follow my passion over the years challenged me to consider my passion; why it means so much to me, how I pursue it, and what aspects of it could be adapted to other areas.

I see it as the difference between work-life balance (with it's inherent conflict) and work-life-parallel, where one's passion is easily adapted into higher performance in multiple areas.

frederic-jleconte's picture

Fair enough.
Inspiring analysis.My personal take away : 1.think about what you do when nobody is looking.
Personal stories are always making me comfortable with the speaker's speech.(idem for trainers.or coach)

2.Tiger Mom example about learning vs achievement.