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Julian Birkinshaw: The problem with management

MIX Maverick, and author of Reinventing Management, Julian Birkinshaw explains why management as we know it doesn't work.

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tiberius-brastaviceanu's picture

Thank you Julian! "People [including managers] are afraid to use the word "management". But getting raid of the word "management" doesn't solve the problem.

We, builders of don't feel the need to manage. If very effective systems of communication and coordination are implemented, if every member get's the big picture, if feedback gets to every member of the organization from internal processes as well as from the environment, self-organization kicks in (I simplified, other mechanisms must be in place to guide self-organization!). In this regime, management is transferred to every individual, who is well informed, who knows his/her role within the organization, who is self-motivated and understands very well how to extract value from the community.

The organization needs facilitators and animators, not managers nor leaders.

The term "management" is old school, we will not practice management as we did within the command and control paradigm.

The term "leader" should also be eliminated from our vocabulary! It supposes that one person is above all others, who are followers. Is it NOT an empowering concept. It is a fact that people operating within open communities are avoiding this term. Empowerment is crucial in open environments based on voluntary involvement/participation. The concept of leader/leadership is incompatible with the new paradigm.