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Video games are attractive to players because such games offer direct incentives and rewards for accomplishments achieved.  Gamers game because the activity offers individual award and recognitio
Hack by Vidia S. Ramdeen on November 24, 2011
Increasing trust and reducing fear has a causal relationship to the meritocratic organization coupled to strong internal leadership.  Trust and fear is indicative of xenophobia endemic to the fir
Hack by Vidia S. Ramdeen on October 8, 2010
The widely held notion that the Chain of Command is no longer prevalent in the organizational dynamic is untrue.  Although many companies claim to not adhere to a formal organ
Hack by Vidia S. Ramdeen on October 6, 2010
Innovation = FUN!!!     But How?  Integrate the organization by linking each computer and employee into a video game via software.  The core functions of the business can
Hack by Vidia S. Ramdeen on July 30, 2010
What is management supposed to do?  How to profit maximize workers to better raise the yield to social benefit and stakholder benefit.  The chain of command contains one or more components t
Barrier by Vidia S. Ramdeen on July 30, 2010