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You can't win if you don't play (but everybody who plays, wins)!

by Polly LaBarre on May 14, 2010


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You can't win if you don't play (but everybody who plays, wins)!

Here at the MIX we believe that great ideas can come from anybody and anywhere in the world—as long as you're open and clever enough to ask for them. We're not sure how clever we are, but we're asking. We want YOUR great ideas when it comes to reinventing management. That's what the MIX is designed for—and that's why we've created the world's first Management Innovation Prize: the M-Prize.

Do you want to play a role in improving the technology of human accomplishment? If you have a real-world case of management innovation (a STORY) or a bold idea (a HACK) for overturning management-as-usual, here's your chance to make a difference and get recognized for it. The rules of the M-Prize are simple:

Who wins? Well, we all do. Every success story shared, bold idea proposed, comment or build offered by members of the MIX community advances our goal of reinventing management for the 21st century. Just by contributing, you'll earn recognition as a management innovator—your submission will be reviewed by our MIX Mavericks (including such pioneering CEOs as John Mackey of Whole Foods and Terri Kelly of WL Gore and thought leaders like Tome Malone and Bill George). For those lucky few who make it into the top six (Best Story/Best Hack in each of the three moonshot categories), all sorts of prizes await: featured story in Gary Hamel's Wall Street Journal blog and the McKinsey Quarterly, featured placement on the MIX, a really cool t-shirt, and lots of other goodies.

For inspiration, check out the Mavericks' provocative posts on each of the moonshots—and explore the stories and hacks your fellow MIXers have already posted.

Check out the full M-Prize guidelines here. And remember, you have until June 30, 2010 to submit your entry!




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if your going to hire someone, hire them for their accomplishment and not wanting them to conform.............if they are creative innovative and great w people then use them in that capacity!!!!!!!!!!!!