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To tackle big, thorny challenges, you need big, unconventional ideas.

That’s what you’ll find here: boundary-pushing proposals for changing the way organizations work and leaders lead — from setting strategy to allocating resources to designing work to rewarding and compensating individuals.

Check out the disruptive ideas and radical fixes posted by your fellow MIXers below — and join them in stirring the pot by proposing your own. A hack can be as seemingly basic as a better way to run meetings or as high-stakes as a complete overhaul of the compensation system — as long as it turns the tables on management-as-usual and offers up a pathway to progress on one of the moonshots.

The MIX Lab / Hacks

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

With most pyramidal organization structures, these days, happen to demand too much of the too few, from the top, and not much of everyone else in the ranks, the general consensus, among
Hack by Charles Prabakar on May 27, 2013
In our distant past, our ancestors would consult with an assortment of gods for guidance.
Hack by Roger Bromley on May 27, 2013
Authority in most group scenarios is taken, not necessarily granted, so I decided to change up the rules a bit. And I mean rules in the literal sense.
Hack by Rod Johnson on May 26, 2013
The Internet is perhaps the most transformative technology in history, reshaping business, media, and society in astonishing ways.  But for all its power, it is just now being tapped to transform
Executive surveys published by global consultants show that the traditional or old-style management is often impaired by paradoxes and ambiguities.
Creating  leaders across the organization begins with valuing every employee's contributions.  Instead of giving feedback during the annual performance evaluation, managers and supe
Hack by Kelly Swauger on May 23, 2013
Peter Drucker submitted that the management must endow their organization with two fundamental capabilities, namely effectiveness i.e.
i'd like to share with you a world, a flat planet with 100+ souls called Ecetera Pty Ltd.
Hack by Olivier Lambel on May 18, 2013
Within the framework of three pillars of humanistic management, how to build a leadership that is runned by authenticity. The three pillars are: 1. Alterity and Dignity; 2.
A <MAZE> initiative would promote several main purposes.  It would address the cacophony of ways to orchestrate high level understandings for management practice.  It
Hack by John Roth on May 14, 2013
 The corporate world continually struggles to develop and identify high quality leaders.  Increased global economic volatility and competitiveness makes identifying, developing, and attracti
Hack by Dirk Gorman on May 9, 2013
For corporate management roles, human resources are used to fill them.  But what if the best ideas were allowed to manage also?  Put an AI system in place that would test and prove ideas, se
Hack by George Kobak on April 30, 2013
 I recently read an article on how to provide negative feedback to improve employee performance and I thought "how can feedback that improves be negative -- isn't that a contradiction?".  So
Hack by Monique Jordan on April 29, 2013
 Many companies are stymied by traditional management, which is not programmed to optimize the intangible resources such as the talents, the innovation capabilities, and the vision.