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Web Values Rule

Jay Simons, president of Australian software dynamo Atlassian, gives a hilarious, fast-paced tour of a company ruled by values, not rules. He describes what a true commitment to open and transparency looks like, shares what it means to create a truly collaborative organization, and demos a collection of Atlassian’s clever and idiosyncratic practices.

Founded with the intent to become "a different kind of software company," twelve-year old Australian software company Atlassian has also dedicated itself to developing a different way of working. The result: the company stands out as much for its fresh, energetic, relentlessly clever approach to engaging and unleashing people as it does for the software development and collaboration tools it makes.

Today, Atlassian has grown to $200 million in sales (with NO salespeople), 35,000 customers around the world (including Citigroup, Nike, NASA, Facebook, and Zappos), and 800 people on the basis of that approach. It’s valued at $3.3 billion, making it one of the world’s most valuable venture-backed companies.

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