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Jay Simons, president of Australian software dynamo Atlassian, gives a hilarious, fast-paced tour of a company ruled by values, not rules. He describes what a true commitment to open and transparency looks like, shares what it means to create a truly collaborative organization, and demos a collection of Atlassian’s clever and idiosyncratic practices.

This summer, it’s Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs’ singular genius that seems to be propped open on beach towels, in hammocks and at every third airplane seat. As fascinating as Jobs’ person, career, and legacy are, the intense interest in his insane greatness raises a question. What if...
Blog by Polly LaBarre on August 9, 2012
The inaugural MIX Mashup gathered the vanguard of management innovators—pioneering leaders, courageous experimenters, agenda-setting thinkers—to explore disruptive ideas, share fresh thinking and compelling storytelling, and to connect and energize participants in the quest to make our...
Blog by Polly LaBarre on June 22, 2012