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Kill the Budget, Kick out the Calendar

How do you change the system when you don’t own the system? Bjarte Bogsnes offers up a powerful answer to that question in this riveting interview with McKinsey & Co director, Scott Keller. As a vice president at Norwegian energy giant Statoil, Bjarte took on one of the most sacred pillars of organization—the traditional budgeting process—and lived to tell the tale.

His dream: to create a more resilient management model—one designed to distribute freedom and accountability as broadly as possible. Bjarte and his team focused on two powerful levers: abolishing the traditional budget in favor of a more dynamic and distributed process, and scrapping the annual calendar for a more continuous and variable approach to setting time-horizons for a particular business or project. It's a big-ticket shift that is already yielding big impact—from employee engagement to increased agility to real performance gains. In this video, Bjarte shares an in-the-trenches view of his innovation journey and offers up practical insights into how anyone, from anywhere, can hack management and help to invent the post-bureaucratic organization.

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