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Jeffrey Pfeffer: Does Performance Deliver Power?

MIX Maverick Jeffrey Pfeffer discusses how large of a correlation there really is between job performance and career success.

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Just eliminate power relations! We advocate that in a world with very effective tools of communication and coordination, to the individual level, power relations have a lesser role to play. In essence, power relations create accountability, which is needed to reliably transfer information to a center of analysis and back to action centers. But if very member of the organization has real time access to the entire picture and can coordinate with all other members the need for a center of analysis and coordination is greatly diminished. The organization self-structures (other mechanisms need to be in place to guide self-organization!).

WE DON'T NEED POWER RELATIONS to stay creative and productive! Once we realize this everything becomes easier.

SENSORICA tries to minimize as much as possible instituted power. Another form of power is present though, which is the capacity to influence others, by reputation, charisma, etc. One is not assigned influence, one earns it, on a continuous bases. This kind of soft power doesn't allow you to force someone to do something (revenue is contribution-based!).

We want to create a value-based organization.