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Bill George: How do you scale and sustain innovation?

MIX Maverick Bill George discusses how to create an innovative organization and how to scale and sustain this innovation as a company grows.

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nan-mehta's picture

Thank you for your candid insights on leadership that supports innovation.

I agree with all of your points; especially, promoting and surrounding yourself with other leaders that are good role models for the organization. This is such a crucial point because future leaders in the pipeline are watching and learning from those leaders in position now. Do we want them to learn the right values and behaviors or the wrong ones? The burden of responsibility lays upon those that give leaders their position of power and prestige. Are they choosing an individual with the right character to have that power or an individual with the wrong character, who may abuse that power?

From my own experience; those leaders that demonstrated the right ethics, values, morals, professionalism, humility, support, protection, etc. are the ones that I remember, admire and reference their advice to this day. Their true leadership style brought out the creativity within me that I didn't even know I had. One saw the potential in me and without saying a word just lined up opportunities so that I could realize my full potential. A leader like this makes a lasting impact on you and stays with you forever; no matter how long or short of a time you worked together.

Furthermore, this type of leader creates something that can become the organization's competitive advantage: GENUINE LOYALTY (HR calls it RETENTION RATE).