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Lynda Gratton: How do you restore values to work?

How can we bring values back into management? It starts with personal decisions about how we live and work.

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greg-stevenson's picture

You mention habits, values and personal choices. Don't you think that the process of doing work within a framework forms habits? Both Judaism and Islam use ritual to form habits in order to form values. Values don't form in a vacuum. The traders manipulating LIBOR formed their values as part of the process of working. Make a poor work environment choice and you may be destined to have your values move in a direction you either eventually regret or which extenuates the trend of higher anxiety and lower happiness of all around you. The work process must regularly force you to introspect, make value judgements based on your introspection, and reward you for moral and righteous decisions. Only then will work habits instil the values the system lacks.