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Welcome to the MIX Moonshot Guides

by Polly LaBarre on October 28, 2010


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Welcome to the MIX Moonshot Guides

We're delighted to introduce our first three MIX Moonshot Guides—folks who've emerged from the MIX community and beyond as important contributors when it comes to making progress on the management moonshots. As with most things on the MIX, this is an evolving experiment and our Moonshot Guides will have a lot of freedom in determining their role. What we do expect is to see is a vibrant conversation emerge on the new Moonshot Blog. The Guides will be posting regularly about a range of topics relevant to their moonshot, scanning the wider landscape for insights and stories to share with MIXers, offering up tools, practices, readings lists, calling attention to and making connections between your Story, Hack, and Barrier contributions—and much more. Most importantly, they'll want to hear from you, so please jump in the fray, post your comments, email them your ideas, and generally mix it up in this new forum.

Now, for the introductions:

 Ross Smith is the Moonshot Guide for the Take the Work out of Work moonshot. Ross has worked in every corner of the software industry for over 20 years and is currently a Director of Test at Microsoft. His passion is the exploration of how play, crowdsourcing, game theory, and video games can improve quality and productivity. Over the last several years he has led a management innovation initiative around organizational trust and cultural change called 42projects. Check out his two great MIX stories on organizational trust and the links between play and productivity.

Chris Grams
is the Moonshot Guide for the Enable Communities of Passion moonshot. Chris spent 10 years at Red Hat, where he helped build that organization's brand and culture into a model for open source endeavors. He is now president and partner at New Kind, where he builds sustainable brands, cultures, and communities in and around organizations. Check out Chris' blogs at Dark Matter Matters and

 Stefan Lindegaard is the Moonshot Guide for the Retool Management for an Open World moonshot. He's a thinker, network facilitator and strategic advisor who focuses on the topics of open innovation, intrapreneurship, and how to identify and develop the people who drive innovation. His blog is a fantastic resource on the realm of open innovation.

You can read the Moonshot Guides' introductory posts here. Join us in welcoming Ross, Chris and Stefan—and join the conversation in the comments.

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