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The SAP Unlimited Human Potential Challenge Welcome

Gary Hamel introduces the SAP Unlimited Human Potential Challenge.

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Through the many years of the Silo Mentality that I have heard spoken about, I have seen first hand the destruction of this mindset at the expense of customers not meeting the bottom line. We, can all agree that in order for a company and/or product that it represents to succeed then it is of the essence that our promise to ensuring that they are successful is first and foremost. As, with any relationship it is this trust that binds us. But, what is trust? Trust that they are using an application and working with a reputable company with knowledeable individuals. The key word is 'knowledgeable'. But, where does knowledge begin?
So, we are back at this Silo mentality that exists because of fear, affecting transparency of crucial ideas/solutions, discouraging proper teamwork hence causing proper training and solutions that needed to be embedded in the minds of folks critical to firefighting to not exist. Some, may argue that folks that are customer facing is the first representation of any company. These, human beings are merely a walking, breathing and more importantly thinking company entity. So - what happens when there is not trust? Customers leave for many reasons and perhaps this is much more minimal that I may be imagining ,however as in any relationship, Trust is key and the lackthereof starts with unhappiness and frustration.

Since, this forum asks for ideas..I will share mine.

1) Find a good working environment and build strong working relationships where the intent is to create a win-win situation
2) Let go of your EGO and fear of not being liked and do the opposite of hoarding information - SHARE IT - how?

3) Access your company shared community collaboration tools and create an information page for a subject matter that you excel in.
4) Share your page and invites others. This community will serve as a solution bucket and encourage others to the same. Others, will benefit from your knowledge and they will be inclined to do the same. Continue, to grow your page and in a few years it will amass enormous content.
5) Teamwork is at its highest, knowledge is transparent. The folks in line who needs to utilize this has the tools necessary to make customers happy.
6) Share successes on this homepage and the impact of the teamwork that it has created. Become your own leader! Do not wait for solutions - create them.