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Since I suspect many of you won’t have a whole day to spare reading almost 100 Human Capital M-Prize entries , I’ve put together something of a highlight reel for you. My hope is that this will save you some time while also uncovering some possible hack zones for further study during the Hackathon...
Blog by Chris Grams on March 21, 2011
I’ve spent the past week preparing for the MIX Hackathon Pilot. As I mentioned in my introductory post , our plan was to take the first week to recruit 10-20 participants. Well, we’ve blown right through that number. Over fifty of you have raised your hands to volunteer, representing six continents...
Blog by Chris Grams on March 21, 2011
Formal networks are  empowered and organized Communities of Passion that drive collaboration and progress across silos.Unlike matrix structures, formal networks
Hack by Michele Zanini on July 5, 2011
Tech companies have unleashed the creativity latent within their organizations through “hackathons” - intense ideation events where teams of professionals move quickly from idea to prototype.
Hack by David Roth on March 20, 2011
It seems that every day on the Web we discover a new solution to a problem. Whether it’s a new online resource that helps us manage our finances or an online community that has organized to share information and address an issue, the Web is incredibly effective and offers endless inspiration. And...
Blog by Chris Grams on June 17, 2012
As I mentioned in my previous post , over the past few months, more than 600 members of the MIX community from around the world have participated in the Management 2.0 Hackathon . The hackathon is a hands-on, collaborative effort focused on generating fresh and practical answers to one of today's...
Blog by Chris Grams on February 23, 2012
In February of this year we asked a group of MIXers who have made key contributions over the past few years to join us in our first ever Hack the MIX hackathon. Over the course of a month, we collaboratively developed a set of almost 100 ideas for how to make the MIX even better than it is today. As usual, we were amazed by the depth, breadth, cleverness, and sheer passion our community produced.
Blog by Chris Grams on March 25, 2013
In her post earlier today, Polly LaBarre introduced my new role as the MIX Community Guide . One of my first tasks? I’ll be leading the Hackathon Pilot, an experiment in open collaboration we hope will help shape the future of the MIX and lead to genuine progress when it comes to crafting the “...
Blog by Chris Grams on March 10, 2011