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Here’s Your Chance to Take the (Main) Stage as a Management Innovator

by Polly LaBarre on June 22, 2010


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Here’s Your Chance to Take the (Main) Stage as a Management Innovator

One of the founding beliefs of the MIX is that experiments in radical management practices and pathbreaking new ideas are not the exclusive province of innovation gurus, elite journals, and the executive suite. Game-changing management hacks are being invented all over the world, in every kind of organization, at every level, and right now.

We think those in-the-trenches innovators and their ideas deserve a stage—and it just got a little bigger. We introduced you to the M-Prize in an earlier post. It’s the world’s first management innovation prize. MIXers who contribute a STORY (a real-world case study of successful management innovation) or a HACK (a bold idea for changing the way organizations work and leaders lead) in one of three moonshot categories (Reinventing Leadership, Increasing Trust, Taking the Work out of Work), stand to win global recognition (including mention on Gary Hamel’s Wall Street Journal blog and in the McKinsey Quarterly).

Now, we’re delighted to add another prize to the mix: the chance to win a speaker’s slot at next year’s HSM World Innovation Forum (WIF). The annual WIF is the largest gathering of senior executives in the nation (regularly attracting some 1000 participants) and features such celebrated thinkers as Seth Godin and Michael Porter, and pioneering CEOs like Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and Seventh Generation co-founder Jeffrey Hollender. The M-Prize Grand Prize winner will take the stage at WIF2011 alongside such innovation stars as Dan Pink, Clayton Christensen, Roger Martin, and Jeanne Meister. All six M-Prize winners with receive free registration (a $2,200 value) and special recognition at the event.

Of course, everyone who participates in the M-Prize gets the chance to gain recognition as a pathbreaking innovator, to learn from the mavericks who are changing the game in every realm of endeavor, and to see their ideas make a real difference in the world. 

NOTE: We've extended the contest deadline to October 15, 2010.

Learn more about the M-Prize and how to participate here.


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