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15 Tweets on Increasing Trust

by David Sims on September 13, 2010


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15 Tweets on Increasing Trust

Clearly, you've given this trust thing some thought.

We're off to a good start with these 15 tweets. I'm seeing at least four qualities that run as themes throughout this list:


  • Transparency
  • Responsiveness
  • Consistency
  • Courtesy


One idea that hasn't been put forward yet is something that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey talks about, something that his organization is famous for: trusting employees. Whole Foods' experience suggests that trusting employees to manage their part of the business and to make decisions tends to create a mutually trustworthy relationship between employees and managers. (For more on this, read Mackey's post, "Creating the High-Trust Organization.")

We'll be collecting tweets on "Increasing Trust" through the week, so it's not too late to add your voice to the conversation. Tweet your ideas to @hackmanagement. Next week, we'll choose a winner who will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate -- and further discussion on the MIX.

@boydpelley: Respond as soon as possible. Listen carefully to learn the need or perspective. Always say, "thank you." Be consistent.

@TrustEnabler: 1. Celebrate vulnerability; 2. Admire authenticity; 3. Insist on integrity (honor yr word); 4. Champion EVERY stand

@42projects: Trust should be treated like freedom & air-don't try to measure it-you'll know when it's gone, care for it while you have it

@gianvittorio: Build a program that is based on being predictable, reliable and truthful

@titudeadjust: Trust: Be consistent & honest. Always admit when u don't know or can't say. Give benefit of doubt to get it. Value results.

@alanpage: As a managers or leader, don't have secrets or surprises. Only exception is surprising your team with good news or rewards.

@alanpage: You don't have to (and shouldn't) involve everyone in decisions. But build trust by sharing why and how you make decisions.

@DrJanice: Trust can't be restored by games or force, only by healing. To increase trust, first acknowledge the legitimacy of mistrust.

@DanOestreich: Increase workplace trust by using this tool: Free Team Trust Survey

@DanOestreich: Increase trust by driving fear out of the workplace and becoming a courageous messenger:

@mumblr: Openly share people metrics like pay/benefits expenses, training hours, avg time for promotion etc. by job levels.

@mbuyens: The first step in building trust is acting and behaving as a regular employee; removing all visible signs of your position

@PaulHerr: To earn trust in a hurry, be a "first responder" if an employee has a crisis. Your employees will walk through fire for you!

@sniukas: Speak, communicate and have real dialogue. As simple as that...and yet so hard to do...

@davidzinger: Don't bust trust with ill will rather develop will and skills to engage others with mutuality, integrity, and respect.

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Have positive assumptions about people, allow them to self regulate and give open feedback