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Gary Hamel at Dell: What are the biggest challenges for organizations today?

Dell VP James Franklin talks with Gary Hamel about the three kind of fundamental "make or break" challenges organizations face today.

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nan-mehta's picture

Thank you, great insights as usual. However, I foresee technology taking more of a supportive role to innovations rather than the front seat. Don't misunderstand; I LOVE technology. Although, it's actually been the human mind that has always envisioned every single concept/idea or vision first; even all the technological inventions were first visions in someone's mind before they became tangible inventions. Therefore, I think employees will become even more valuable assets of the organization than ever before. This leads me to ask the key question, how will employees be inspired in the future to be more creative resulting in innovations? Taking it full circle; the work being conducted here by Gary Hamel via MIX is crucial for the future of management.