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When Managers talk of people they actually mean the Knowledge and experience they carry in their heads.
Barrier by Nayantara Prasad on August 20, 2010
Agility requires us to rev up the frequency of our communication, collaboration and coordination as a team.  As the world continues to rev up, we must rev up with it, to handle t
Barrier by Mike Richardson on October 31, 2010
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Barrier by Vivek Chandra on October 17, 2011
Essentially, because the MBA industry has been teaching leadership and proclaiming to provide satisfactory leadership education and training for a great long while doesn't mean that what we do is the
Barrier by Aaron Anderson on October 26, 2010
The biggest and most nasty barrier to innovation and good management is the forced ranking which many companies still use.GE and JPM started using it in a big way and now many companies have adopted i
Barrier by Neil Patel on April 30, 2010
When feedback meets criteria that aligns with brain operations, (such as optimizing the brain's chemical and electrical circuitry), people grow from others' wisdom. The opposite is also true.
Barrier by Ellen Weber on October 14, 2010
Many great ideas for what needs to be done or fixed at an organization get suggested.But never in any formal forum - the best ideas often come up when out for drinks, or in furtive cubicle conversatio
Barrier by Eric Nehrlich on April 16, 2010
In this article I make an inventory of my observations on HR. I cannot avoid concluding that HR can’t get any worse than it is today.
Barrier by Luc Galoppin on August 24, 2011
Often managers talk about resources when they mean people. And managersallocate resources to projects and tasks instead of people.
Barrier by Frank Schwab on May 15, 2010
Interviewing is at best a flawed effort to assess job candidates (and even consultants). Too often, it produces disappointing--even disastrous--results. Here's why....
Barrier by Dr. Janice Presser on August 3, 2010
CEO's and high level managers are often detached from 'the work floor' and may be surrounded by people who hesitate to criticize them.
Barrier by Mireille Jansma on June 21, 2010
Expecting a group of highly educated, culturally fixed Ph.Ds who are excellent researchers to run their own operation may have been fine 80 years ago when educational operations were run, staffed, and
Barrier by Aaron Anderson on September 3, 2010
Practice of any wisdom demands organization and discipline. Personnel today lack the time, energy and volition to self-organize practice of management-wisdom.
Barrier by Raj Kumar on August 28, 2010
In the face of an established system that embodies extrinsic "if then" rewards, and all the negative behaviors that follow, how can you START to make a change?
Barrier by chris sheryn on November 14, 2012