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Tweet a Hack Contest: "Increase Trust"—in 140 characters or less!

by David Sims on September 8, 2010
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Tweet a Hack Contest: "Increase Trust"—in 140 characters or less!

Do people in your organization feel free to speak up with new ideas, critiques, and suggestions? Are they free to take risks and try new things? Are they rewarded for challenging the status quo rather than defending it? 

If you answered yes to any of these, we want you to share that success. (And if not, you're not alone,'ve come to the right place!) Fear paralyzes and mistrust demoralizes. That's why one of our Management Moonshots is "Increasing Trust." The old command-and-control systems reflect a deep mistrust of employees' commitment and competence, overemphasizing sanctions as a way to force compliance. But employee engagement, which is critical for success in today's dynamic and demanding markets, thrives in high-trust, low-fear cultures. Leaders who want their organizations to compete successfully in the 21st century must find a way to ensure mutual trust among employees and their managers.   

 We want to hear from you. How do you create a workplace where employees feel safe enough to speak their minds, experiment, and question? How do you take "engagement" and "empowerment" from buzzwords to the operating reality in your organization? How do you, in the words of our MIX Maverick John Mackey [link to his post or video on love], develop a culture of "love and care" in your organization?

Here's how it works: 
- Sign in to Twitter and post your hack on increasing trust or reducing fear. 
- Be sure to start your tweet with "@hackmanagement" so we can collect them and publish them on the MIX. After a week, we'll choose a winner. 

A few quick rules of the game:
    1.    The contest is open to everyone.
    2.    The contest will run for one week: from 9am ET Thursday, Sept. 9 to 9pm ET Friday, Sept. 17
    3.    The contestant will be identified as the owner of the Twitter account submitting the entry
    4.    You may submit as many hacks as you like
    5.     But note: hacks will be judged on the basis of their quality and popularity--as judged by the MIX editorial board and your peer's retweets—so more entries may not necessarily increase your chances of winning!
    7.    The winning hack will be announced on the site by Monday, September 20. The winning contestant will be contacted via email (as listed on the Twitter account attached to the winning hack) for details on mailing the gift voucher

Remember, even if you don’t win--you win. In fact, we all do. Every success story shared, bold idea proposed, comment or build offered by members of the MIX community, advances our goal of reinventing management for the 21st century (and earns you recognition as an adventuresome thinker and practitioner). So, for the sake of everyone around the world who's still working in an organization that is less inspiring and empowering than it could be, tweet your hack for increasing trust!

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