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M-Prize Contenders: Stories on Taking the Work out of Work

by David Sims on September 16, 2010


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M-Prize Contenders: Stories on Taking the Work out of Work

With only 4 weeks remaining until we choose our M-Prize winners, we thought we would take a look and see what Stories MIXers have shared as entries for the world's first management innovation prize. We're collecting Stories and Hacks aligned with three of our Management Moonshots: Reinvent Leadership, Increase Trust, and Take the Work out of Work. One winner will receive a speaker's slot at HSM's World Innovation Forum in June 2011, and all winners will be featured in the McKinsey Quarterly and Gary Hamel's blog in The Wall Street Journal.

Here are the 10 top Stories so far (in terms of ratings and number of comments) aligned with Taking the Work out of Work.

If you haven't submitted your Story yet, there's plenty of time to do so. If you have submitted your Story, there's still time to continue to develop your story, solicit comments and critiques, and keep building the conversation.

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Thanks for this refreshing post, David.

On another note, several people commented recently on the fact that folks rate other's work in ways that keep themselves in top positions, and then do not leave comments so it's not transparent. Not sure this is so, but if it is, then it leads us away from innovation merit that the MIX promotes:-)

I have an idea that would add a new component to add trransparency and discourage unfair assessments based on wrong motives - if and where they exist.

Why not place one more average number under participants' names. Beside where you now list the avg rating that each members' stories recieve - why not add the average ratings that person offers to other works.

 In that way, you'd discourage people from rating blindly and you'd encourage people to offer stronger suggestions that add value to each person's articles. It may remove the temptation to place one's work on top through unfair practices, if they do exist.

Others may have better ideas, for finer value but that strategy came to me as an added value to the wonderful work you all do to encourage original innovation and strong integrity at the MIX. Thoughts?

I for one, deeply value the questions and suggestions people offer here!

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Ellen, that's a neat idea. Not unlike the way that Google rates pages not just by their own ratings but also by where they are linked to and how often. We'll have to consider something like that (though our resources are focused on a redesign right now, so any such system would be largely manual for the time being).

- Dave