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M-Prize Contenders: Stories on Reinventing Leadership

by David Sims on September 23, 2010


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M-Prize Contenders: Stories on Reinventing Leadership

As we build towards the deadline for choosing our M-Prize winners, we're taking a look at the Stories that MIXers have shared as entries. This week, 9 promising Stories about Reinventing Leadership.

We'll be awarding M-Prizes for Stories and Hacks aligned with three of our Management Moonshots: Reinvent Leadership, Increase Trust, and Take the Work out of Work. One winner will receive a speaker's slot at HSM's World Innovation Forum in June 2011, and all winners will be featured in the McKinsey Quarterly and Gary Hamel's blog in The Wall Street Journal.  

If you haven't submitted your Story yet, there's plenty of time to do so. If you have submitted your Story, there's still time to continue to develop it, solicit comments and critiques, and keep building the conversation.

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