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Successful innovation is always problem-focused. And the most powerful solutions emerge when problems are clearly defined.

Even the most experienced management innovators bump into roadblocks that frustrate their progress. The way forward is to identify these barriers, break them down into solvable chunks, and focus on the high-value areas.

Here you can browse through the problems others are encountering — whether they're political squabbles, capability gaps, or resource constraints — and propose solutions. And, of course, you can bring your own barriers to the conversation. You might find that others have wrestled with the same issues and come out on top.

The MIX Lab / Barriers

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

When feedback meets criteria that aligns with brain operations, (such as optimizing the brain's chemical and electrical circuitry), people grow from others' wisdom. The opposite is also true.
Barrier by Ellen Weber on October 14, 2010
Editor's note: We encourage MIX readers with suggestions to help solve this barrier to enter their ideas in the Comments section.
Barrier by Vivek Chandra on October 17, 2011
This is my short version of title. these types of CEO are usually (unfortunately) successful enough to stay on for the short term, but everything about them defines failure.
Barrier by Abbas Hijazi on March 30, 2012
I don't know if it is just me, but it seems that in various forums participants seem to place a lot of bearing on the source of an idea rather than its content.If an idea is mooted by someone who appe
Barrier by Gavin McLeod on December 18, 2010
Human resources departments are a major barrier to getting the right people on the bus, motivating people, helping people grow into their natural talents, and getting things done.
Barrier by John D Chovan on December 1, 2010
Often managers talk about resources when they mean people. And managersallocate resources to projects and tasks instead of people.
Barrier by Frank Schwab on May 15, 2010
An enormous gap exists between management's ability to understand the research and their ability to successfully transition from outdated practices to more effective, people-centric models.
Barrier by Mike Tobias on July 9, 2010
While keen tone skills offer more opportunities to collaborate -  as we draw from people's excellent ideas and insights in any discussion -  innovation loses when tone is lost.
Barrier by Ellen Weber on September 16, 2010
The biggest and most nasty barrier to innovation and good management is the forced ranking which many companies still use.GE and JPM started using it in a big way and now many companies have adopted i
Barrier by Neil Patel on April 30, 2010
One thing I hear all the time is statements that take culture as something immutable, absolute, and unchallengeable.
Barrier by Jamal Ghamari on September 5, 2010
Uncertainty even in matured organizations makes managers to look for instant gratification for they work creating a window for Vulnerability.
Barrier by Satya Vegi on October 16, 2010
What is management supposed to do?  How to profit maximize workers to better raise the yield to social benefit and stakholder benefit.  The chain of command contains one or more components t
Barrier by Vidia S. Ramdeen on July 30, 2010
We cannot have an innovative workforce when employees cannot quit their jobs and start innovative new businesses because of the loss of medical benefits.
Barrier by Harvey Summers on September 10, 2010
Many great ideas for what needs to be done or fixed at an organization get suggested.But never in any formal forum - the best ideas often come up when out for drinks, or in furtive cubicle conversatio
Barrier by Eric Nehrlich on April 16, 2010
In many cases it is observed some mid level managers have lost total desire to move forward or get lifted in his career, and their routine and habits become the barrier either to employee development
Barrier by PS DHINGRA on June 4, 2010