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‘Going to work’ used to mean showing up at the office where your manager would tell you what to work on that day and closely monitor your progress. This is obviously no longer the case.
We are experiencing the rise of the 'creative thinker.' The modern problem solver who is motivated by getting things done, masterfully.
Story by Martijn van Tilburg on March 31, 2014
Dear Warden,Believe it or not the gang wants to be here. They want to create value for their family, company, community and world. Put aside your fear, remove the chains and support the gang by:1.
Hack by lucas ross on December 7, 2013
Every organization talks about team work and how important team work is to continue to win in the competitive markets but when it comes to walk the talk most of these organizations fail. My visio
Hack by Mukesh Gupta on July 17, 2013
Co-Authored By Mukesh Gupta