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Embrace Decentralization

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Embrace Decentralization

By Jamie Notter on February 16, 2013

I think you're hitting on this with the idea of creating TEDx-like events (MIXx? MIXt?), but there should be other opportunities too. So much of the MIX activity is pointed up. We submit ideas to the one site. We listen to the Mavericks. We admire the prize winners. Even at the Mashup event (which was phenomenal!!!), we the audience sat there and looked at the experts for 8 hours. You guys are nailing it when it comes to centralized, expert-based content. But it's weak on leveraging the expertise in the periphery. We need more structures for building relationships among us. Create some sandboxes where the rest of us can play, both virtually and in person. Give us some clear guidelines on what makes it a MIX thing, and then let us go.

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I totally get where this is idea is coming from. But, it is important to note I think that anybody can post to the mix and there is no editorial approval required. For me, I first posted a story and got a lot of good responses and personal emails from the Mix staff asking me to expand it. I was pretty floored by that and it really encouraged me to do more. That said, there are so many management celebrities active on the site, it doesn't seem obvious that anyone can contribute (it can feel elitist indeed, especially to newcomers)

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Additional inspiration could be found in Meet Ups and how that platform has been leveraged to build up The Lean Startup "movement."

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This is a very important observation. And I love the idea of creating sandboxes where passionate MIXers can play.

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Jamie - I agree - to some degree I feel the periphery isn't involved because it seems a bit 'elitist' - not that its intentioned that way at all - but it seems to fall out that way