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Trust, Performance and Integrity

by HCI on August 19, 2010


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Trust, Performance and Integrity


by Joy Kosta

Ben Heineman, GE's former senior vice-president for law and public affairs and currently a senior fellow at Harvard Law School and at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, also author of "High Performance with High Integrity," says that effective leaders “find a sound balance between risk-taking (innovation and creativity) and risk-management (financial and operational discipline) and...fuse this high performance with high integrity.” Want to read the entire interview? -Upgrade to Executive Membership to access the library of articles compiled from the best business schools, research houses and consultancies.

Weigh in with other HCI members on surveys for public leaders and for all aspiring and current leaders, to offer your view about leadership development, and get a complimentary copy of the survey results for participating. 

Robert Buggs, Chief Human Capital Officer, Department of Education, discusses strategies for leadership development and mentoring from senior leaders to foster growth- check out the full agenda at HCI’s Government Summit coming up Sept 20-22. 

As a busy leader you can take advantage of on-line mentoring to shape your legacy. Developing your successor begins with engaging talent to be more. Often that requires having great rapport, especially with virtual talent- how do you know if their motivation is at risk? Drop me a line with your thoughts.

Ethical leaders speak! Sharon Allen, Chairman of the Board at Deloitte LLP, shares her views on the ethics that shape the culture and effectiveness of their organization’s talent. Typically leaders take people into the unknown; would the people who follow you trust to put their livelihood on the line? In the Air Force, they’ve discovered EI competencies are critical to predicting para-rescuers' ability to do their job. As a leader do you model EI, and more importantly, can you develop it in others? The research shows that doing so predicts longevity in leadership roles. 

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Do you agree with HCI member who said, after last week’s Executive Conversation, “we can all reconnect with our organizations with conversations on what individuals and teams can do to contribute to improved performance, if they understand the metrics that are used for measuring success.”  What do you think- drop me a line…

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