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New feature on the MIX: Collaborative Authoring


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New feature on the MIX: Collaborative Authoring

We've added a new feature today that will make it easier for teams to collaborate on Stories and Hacks on the MIX: multiple authors. Since the MIX is all about working together to innovate better ways to lead and manage, we realize people are working on teams to contribute some of the best ideas. But until now, our system only allowed one author for each Story or Hack.

Starting today, you can invite others to contribute to the article you're working on. Once they've been invited, they'll be listed on the byline, too. If one author is working on a Story or Hack, it will lock out others while they're in it -- so no one's changes get accidentally overwritten. Other than that, whether a story is in draft or published, any invited author can go in and make changes.

Let us know what you think. We're looking forward to more great Stories and Hacks now that we've added this feature.

And watch for a great new challenge coming next week! We think you'll like the direction, as well as the partners.

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Thanks for implementing this feature.

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This is an excellent idea. I will be submitting a "hack" with one of my friends very soon!
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I like the idea, 100% collective intelligence, and the new function offered on the Mix.
The locked out function could be more friendly (as in Google docs) but it should be manageable.
I'll give it a try with an entry for the Bureaucracy melting down challenge.
When  you want to tumble down walls or back door of a century consolidated fortress you need some help and multilple tactic angles and try outs.
Numerous smart people is the only winning potential solution to the equation.
Plus it's more fun.