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Minimum Dose Management: A Maverick Hangout with Heiko Fischer

by Polly LaBarre on May 14, 2014


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Minimum Dose Management: A Maverick Hangout with Heiko Fischer

Heiko Fischer, founder and Chief Resourceful Human at Resourceful Humans Consulting

Tuesday May 20, 2014 at  8am PT/11am ET/5pm CET

What if our organizations were as human—as resilient, inventive, and inspiring—as the human beings who work inside them?

Heiko Fischer has been working at the frontlines of that question for years—first inside a range of organizations and now as the “Chief Resourceful Human” leading a movement to create “100% Democratic Entrepreneurship, 0% Bureaucracy” in every kind of organization.

Join us for a lively session on:

  • Hacking HR: learn how Heiko and his team designed themselves out of a job and distributed the work of HR into the line at Europe’s largest videogame company
  • Minimum dose management: how do you spread autonomy and accountability across an organization and create a truly participatory, collaborative, and high-functioning operation?
  • The future of leadership: what is the work of leadership when power is distributed and autonomy and accountability are the ruling principles
  • How to hack: how do you get started where you are? How do you stage small-scale but high-impact experiments? Heiko will share a range of HR hacks across a variety of organizations

Participating in the Hangout is as easy as coming back to this link on Tuesday, May 20th at 11am ET. Heiko will be answering your questions, so please post them in advance in the comments section here (and via Twitter during the Hangout #MIXhangout).

In the meantime, check out the Busting Bureaucracy Hackathon and share your ideas for alternatives to the bureaucratic model of top-down control and formal rules and procedures. Learn more here.


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Are you still doing those hangouts? Would love to see more of you :) Or even join and talk with you some day!

Best wishes from Australia,