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M-Prize Contenders: Stories on Increasing Trust

by David Sims on October 1, 2010


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M-Prize Contenders: Stories on Increasing Trust

Less than two weeks remain before we choose our M-Prize winners, the MIXers who have contributed the best Stories and Hacks aligned with three of our Management Moonshots: Reinvent Leadership, Increase Trust, and Take the Work out of Work. One winner will receive a speaker's slot at HSM's World Innovation Forum in June 2011, and all winners will be featured in the McKinsey Quarterly and Gary Hamel's blog in The Wall Street Journal.  

As we get closer to the Prize, we're highlighting some of the contenders. Here are nine good stories about Increasing Trust, ones that have generated some discussion on the site.

Remember, it's not too late to add your own story or, if you already have one, to improve it. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Ask yourself: Is this the sharpest case I can make for this specific management innovation? Do my headline, summary, and lessons learned communicate the ideas behind the Story as boldly and colorfully as possible? Have I teased out as much of the relevance for aspiring management innovators as possible?
  • Add more details.  Does the Story give a complete picture of how and why you (or your subject) changed the game? What specific management orthodoxies, behaviors, or practices were changed? Do you provide examples, tell stories, use quotes from a variety of “characters”?
  • Illustrate your Story with images (photos of your colleagues, your workplace, a related event) and video (create a simple video—interview your colleagues or narrate a key piece of the story yourself).   
  • Cultivate the conversation around your Story. Respond to comments you've received. Encourage your colleagues and peers to comment and build on the story.  
  • Tailor the Story more directly to the relevant moonshot. We'll be looking for the Stories that offer up the most powerful approach to tackling the urgent challenges of Reinventing Leadership, Increasing Trust, and Taking the Work out of Work.

Reducing Workplace Toxins with Novelty that Transforms (Ellen Weber)

Player mindset for everybody: Working out at the empowerment gym (Erika Ilves)

Organizational Trust 2.0: 42projects (Ross Smith)

Trust is simple when it is human (Volney Faustini)

The Tea House: Leaving Swords at the Door (Brendan McComb )

Improve your manager, get a free lunch (Matt Shlosberg)

The Best-Laid Plans: Radical Transparency and Unprecedented Participation in Business Forecasting (Shubhi Mittal)

Take Time to Explain Why its Important (Michelle Paitich)

It's not about who is right, but what is right (Stuart Thompson)


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