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Metrics That Matter Most in Today’s C-Suite

by HCI on September 28, 2010


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Metrics That Matter Most in Today’s C-Suite


by Hilary Roberts 

CFOs and CHROs increasingly are strategic advisors playing critical roles in enabling strategy execution. Their CEO and Board face of a “New Normal” that requires integrated information gathered from across the enterprise. The pressure on CFOs and CHROs to provide them with the data to make decisions better, faster, and with less risk is immense. While the CFO has a long history steeped in analytics, many CHROs are only just moving beyond the transactional and toward the strategic, in which the ability to produce an analytical picture of overall talent supply and demand is vital.

Moving forward, these two leaders must work together to generate analytical pictures of the organization that are consistent, complimentary, and based upon the same sources of integrated information in order to help drive enterprise strategy.

  • What organizations are doing this?
  • What metrics do they care about most?
  • How are they working together to get to those numbers?
  • What are their next practices?

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