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Global Meet 2010: The New Normal

by HCL Technologies on April 11, 2010


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Global Meet 2010: The New Normal

Every year or so we bring together hundreds of business and technology professionals and management thought leaders for several days of free-wheeling debate about the evolution of business and business management.
The gathering, called Global Meet, is part of something larger that we have dubbed Unstructure – an ongoing discussion platform that exists online, in publications, and in meetings around the world.
Unstructure’s theme for 2010 – including this year’s Global Meet, which occurs April 11-13 in Orlando – is the New Normal. Unstructure 2008 focused on Business Sustainability – how businesses could best deal with an increasingly threatening recession. The New Normal raises the question of how businesses can succeed in the aftermath of that recession amid a new set of challenges and opportunities.
The topics of discussion will attempt to cover various dimensions of the New Normal and ultimately produce a framework to help business decision makers navigate the changed environment. What makes the post-recession consumer tick? How must we redefine business risk? Is globalized innovation all it’s been cracked up to be? How are employee-employer relationships changing? How can a business maintain a pipeline of fresh leadership that will be suited to changing times? How will the role of tomorrow’s information technology leader – what we call the Reincarnate CIO – change and what new ways of thinking will that require?
In future posts, we’ll be reporting some of the themes that emerge from this debate. We’ll also be following them closely ourselves. After all, now more than ever, we need to be questioning the management status quo.

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