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Getting Started With Social Learning

by Saba on April 7, 2011


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Getting Started With Social Learning

Learning is best achieved through a combination of the right knowledge, the right context, and the right people. Knowing the right people to whom to ask the right questions is more powerful than knowing (or thinking you know) all the answers. Learn how Saba Social Learning enables organizations to surround their people with structured and unstructured learning experiences so that they can easily access what they need to learn and what they want to learn. View.

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Social Learning is not new. We are social animals and we work best through interactions and dialogue. What is new, is that it has become easier to efficiently share impressions, recommend, discuss, and mentor, without necessarily havin to stand a few feet away from those who learn from us and those from whom we learn.
The Social Learning environment offered by Saba is a fantastic solution for all of us interested in Continuous Learning!