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25 Tweets Aimed at Taking the Work out of Work

by David Sims on August 24, 2010


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25 Tweets Aimed at Taking the Work out of Work

Our thanks to those MIXers who have given us their thoughts, in 140 characters or less, about how to take the work out of work. From Play-doh and musical instruments at meetings to praising risk-takers, you've crammed a lot of good suggestions into a tiny bit of space. Each one of these is a great launching pad for a dialogue on how to make work more engaging.

We'll be collecting tweets on "How to take the work out of work," through this week, so it's not too late to add your idea to the twitterverse. Just tweet it to @hackmanagement; the full details of the contest are here.  Next week, we'll choose a winner who will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate -- and, no doubt, some further discussion from the MIX community on their idea.


Make variable pay a larger percent of comp. Results should be rewarded! @Kruse

Make your business communication game-changing & fun! Take to cloud computing & iPads & iPhones & increase creativity! - @managementsushi

collaborate 1 daily routine into fun way to increase efficiency & productivity. Share results. Reward winning dept 2X a yr. - @ellenfweber

Work is better together - stop lacking and slacking. Start hacking with backing by transforming me to we. - @davidzinger

Take work out of work - Add more play in to work then :) Make daily mundane tasks more interesting for all at work - @madhugr

Suss out the right hot buttons to press to get 100% ambition and passion for the success of a Project. The rest is easy! - @managementsushi

to encourage right brain thinking when creative problem solving I give every member of the team playdoh to play with - fun! - @VikiBennett

Old world: plan, direct, execute; New world: ask, act, acknowledge - @llocklee

a dynamic 2-way flow of power & authority based on knowledge, trust, credibility & results, enabled by interconnected people - @jonhusband

learn to network and network to learn - @llocklee

We can't take the work out of the work unless we re-evaluate learning / education & start to understand the merit of play. - @MireilleJansma

To take the work out of work, it should not feel like work. My solutions: 1. A game with rewards; 2. fun ambience with music - @bankyourtime

Adopt workplace slogan: Play shapes a brain for innovative solutions that only talented achieve and fun-lovers sustain. - @ellenfweber

I no longer accept "That's not the way we do things here" as an excuse. - @option8

Bring musical instruments to work. Start you presentations with an overture and end them with a sing-along… - @cdgrams

Kill the performance review. And anyone who wants to keep it.  - @davidburney

Make all meetings optional and measure: this meeting was 1. valuable; 2 not-so-valuable" - @davidburney

Bulletin board or list serve starts "profit tip" & staff adds 1 tip they'd have most fun doing to raise dividends.Vote & do - @ellenfweber

Great team players take the work out of work. You can identify them. Find out how here: - @DrJanice

Be transparent and sincere all the time, at all costs, don't accept lies as a corporate value. - @diegokv

teach your employees about taking risks and learn from mistakes, instead of only praising winning cases. - @diegokv

have a tool like @peerindex on @yammer accounts to find experts, give them some seed funds to do fun projects - @vpsingh

20% time only for process instead of content/R&D: People are free to improve process. Eg, invent rituals, explore system... - @fanjli

we have an enthusiastic crowd on Yammer ('business twitter'), who exchange useful information across organisational barriers - @jjfscheffer

Break down formal internal culture barriers by getting employees to yammer only on Yammer about their ideas for innovation! - @managementsushi

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