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10 Thoughts I Carry to the World Economic Forum in China

by Vineet Nayar on September 10, 2010


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10 Thoughts I Carry to the World Economic Forum in China

China has been a fascinating destination for me. I have visited once, and it was a humbling experience to see myself as a small man on the Great Wall.

Now I'm on my way to the World Economic Meeting in Tianjin, the summer Davos as it's called. I'm excited about going there because it's a confluence of
academicians, scientists, physicists, people from medicine, people from business, politicians. It is as humbling an experience as being on the Great Wall of China. We work every day in our industries, and we think we're changing the world. But here you meet interesting people who are indeed influencing the world.

This time I'm also excited about the WEF's Young Global Leaders Forum, talking with them and learning what they're thinking, what they are concerned about, and how are they approaching the various problems that we, as a world, face.

As I travel to China, I carry these 10 thoughts to guide my trip. Take a look, and let me know what you'd like to ask of the people I’m meeting in Tianjin. Post your questions here, ping me on or tweet me @vineetnayar – I’m listening all the time.

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