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Groundbreaking ideas and practices from Jeff Mowatt
15 years ago a 'Marshall plan' for Ukraine was in the hands of Ukraine's government .  It made the case that business with a social purpose could be applied to resolve a broad range of social pro
Story by Jeff Mowatt on March 8, 2022
Writing on Long Term Capitalism I described business which puts people and their needs before maximising shareholder value as the New Bottom Line.The position paper for people-centered economics argue
Story by Jeff Mowatt on March 27, 2019
What do we mean by the statement: "P-CED takes the bottom line one step further: to people, past numbers" ? It begins in 1996 with the question of how the economy could better se
Story by Jeff Mowatt on July 20, 2013
Can capitalism be hacked to create homes for children who  live either in institutions or on the streets and in sewers?On Valentines Day, February 14th 2006, Terry Hallman met with EveryChild in
Hack by Jeff Mowatt on July 26, 2012
Just 15 years ago the idea that business should place a social objective ahead of its responsibility to investors was considered economic heresy.In just the last year that perception has been changed
Story by Jeff Mowatt on July 25, 2012