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On weekdays when I am at home, and not travelling, I get up early, get connected to the rest of the organisation through mails and calls, do an hour of yoga, and then drive to the office, arriving there around 10:00 a.m. I usually work until 8:00 p.m. and then head home to my family. During the day...
Blog by Vineet Nayar on May 24, 2010
Our excitement about MIX’s potential grows out of our own experience trying to generate new management ideas in unconventional ways. HCL Technologies has experimented with a variety of ways to reinvent management – many of them described in a book by CEO Vineet Nayar, to be published by Harvard...
Blog by HCL Technologies on April 11, 2010
A book written by HCL Technologies CEO Vineet Nayar, call “Employees First, Customers Second,” will be published by Harvard Business Press in June. It describes some of the bold management experiments that have enabled HCL Technologies to revitalize itself over the past five years and enjoy rapid...
Blog by HCL Technologies on April 11, 2010
The MIX and HCL are pleased to announce the winners of the first ever MBA M-Prize. Since the seven Finalists were announced on April 5, the teams have been applying a core principle of open source management innovation: working to refine a good idea into a great Hack. The first round judges provided each team with comments, and MIX coaches worked with the teams to focus the upgrades and outline the experimental plan. After all, an incentive was available that most professors don't offer: a budget of $50,000 to test the winning Hack within HCL.
Blog by Jeremy Clark on May 2, 2011