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Creating the Source Code for the Organization of the Future

Jul 16 4pm PDT
A Maverick Hangout with Enspiral's Leaders

What happens when you get a bunch of ambitious, talented, values-driven people together in a vibrant coworking space and empower them to think big about positive impact? They start things that change things. That’s the story of Enspiral in a nutshell.

Wellington, NZ-based Enspiral is a network of professionals and social enterprises driven by a desire to change the world—and to make progress on making all organizations fundamentally more human, more inclusive, and more collaborative.

This 21st-century collective also happens to be a vibrant laboratory for inventing a new model of organizing, managing and leading. One by one, Enspiral’s hacker-entrepreneurs are taking on each core organizational process—from decision-making, to budgeting, to setting direction—and disrupting it by throwing out the old, hierarchical, top-down way of doing things and coming up with new collaborative processes. What’s more, they’re intent on sharing those new approaches—source code for Organizations 2.0—with the rest of the world.

We spent a rousing hour unpacking Enspiral’s original approach to structuring and managing organizations, setting strategy, creating a culture of innovation and collaboration, and launching agile management experiments. Watch the Hangout video and learn from four of Enspiral's hacker-entrepreneurs:

Alanna Krause is a co-founder of Loomio and a board member of the Enspiral Foundation. She's passionate about innovating processes, technology, and structures for positive social impact.

Ben Knight is a co-founder of Loomio and has a research background in cognitive neuroscience and the evolution of collective intelligence, and a practical background in community coordination, social justice organizing, media and communications.

Joshua Vial is the founder of Enspiral, co-founder of Enspiral Craftworks, Dev Academy and Better Insights and a board member of Enspiral Foundation. He is an entrepreneur with a passion for business, technology and social change.

Silvia Zuur is the founder of chalkleº and board member of Enspiral Foundation. She brings a passion for education, and wealth of experience in international youth work and events management.

Want more? Check out the two M-Prize-winning case studies on Enspiral’s approach to collective decision-making and collaborative funding.

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jeff-mowatt's picture
Sharing the source code is what our late founder did when he published his concept of people centered business which argued for an economy which could be "measured and calibrated in terms of human beings" I shared the story in the Long Term Capitalism challenge:
theodore-taptiklis's picture
"Source code" sounds like something that is values-neutral. But isn't the connective tissue of each of these Enspiral initiatives their underlying values? And isn't is important that these values are never quite spelled out, but come to be understood in the way that members of the network relate to one another in their everyday dealings?
brendan-dunphy's picture
1.00 CET! I think I'll wait for the recording....;)
naresh-purushotham's picture
How do I register for this webinar?
isaiah-mcpeak_1's picture
How do you register?
mix-administrator's picture
There is no need to register, just come back to this link at the appointed hour to watch live (or catch the recorded video anytime).