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HR Metrics and Information Systems

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One of the barriers to change in many companies is the ERP-system.

Reinventing ERP for transparency and speed of change is one of the challenges in building an adaptable organization.  The basis should be processes, tasks, performance indicators. The buildup must be total transparent and ready for change and amelioration...

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Its a well know fact thaty positivity and negativity are powerful feedback processes in human behavior. A powerful indicator of what is possible for an organization is the positivity/negativity ratio of feedback; that is, how many instances of positive vs. negative feedback we can observe in a human interaction...

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Dashboards are great tools for collating and making visible past data. The use of Infographics however can encourage more horizon-scanning activities and proactively help HR (and other services) prepare for that which is still to come.

With further economic uncertainty in the forthcoming years, where is it best to place...

By Heidi De Wolf on June 24, 2013
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TCOW or Total Cost Of Workforce in and of itself is meaningless, however it is absolutely fundamental to almost every metric calculation that show movement in investments in people, or Return on People (ROP). It's also very difficult to calculate without agreement from HR, finance, and line of business on...

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Looking at the principles of Autonomy & Trust and Openess & Transparency, my mini hack aims to to establish the credibility and value of HR as a business partner by adapting the language and measurment principles of  the core business.  As long as HR continues to measure itself with the...

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In addition to HR Information Systems, this hack also impacts Talent Deployment and Org Development.

When pondering how the elimination of job titles/descriptions might work, system enablement came to mind.  

Let's face it - today, few outside of HR log into an HR Information System.  It's not useful for...

By Matt Frost on June 12, 2013
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The most important things we produce in HR aren't easily measurable.  Take Gary's triangle of engagement needs - things at the botttom like attendance, compliance, obedience are easy to measure.  Things at the top like passion, pride, creativity, love aren't.  The result of trying to monetise HR outcomes is that...

By Jon Ingham on June 8, 2013
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HR has often struggled to demonstrate it's value, both in absolute terms and when compared to other functions. There is no shortage of research, commentary and writing on the subject, this piece from HR Magazine in 2007 sums things up well:


By Bruce Lewin on June 8, 2013